Sunny Saturday

The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky today in the burgh… to bad the temperature couldn’t match the sky as its a chilly 35 degrees out… brrrrrrr… so currently all of the animals are curled up in their weekend spots (Emmy in front of one of the heat vents, Samson on the pillow pile on the couch, and Minnie sprawled out across the other half of the couch)… they’ll be out cold until this afternoon probably… just how our weekends seem to go these days… 🙂

Last night I stopped at the local fish fry and picked up dinner for myself and my grandma… and how excited was I to find out the perogies were homemade this week!!! whooo hooo… I picked up a couple pieces of pound cake took and homemade “hoho’s” which Steve demolished when he got home…

Today I’m meeting my first blogger friends in real life!!! 🙂 so excited!!! Tiffany from SimplyShaka isvisiting Pittsburgh for a few days and so I’ll be meeting up with her, one of her friends and Whitney from the 412 view.  I have to admit I’m a bit nervous but will be calling on my networking skills I picked up in Chicago to help me out haha…

I’m sure we’ll have a blast and I definitely need to defuse from school, work and the stress of this residency/intership placement… hope everyone has a fab first day of the weekend!!!


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