Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day at the job that I have worked in some capacity over the last 3 years… Not very long but this has been a heck of a job…

I have a love hate relationship with it… I love my bosses (we’re only a team of 3 so both co-workers are actually bosses)… they have been fantastic through my health problems and when I decided to go back to grad school they made it work (helps that the job is at the same university I’m attending hehe)… And at times the work I did with the research and interviews really wore me down… was even depressing at times as we worked with the elderly and a good many died or got sick during the research…

But in the end it helped me decide what I wanted to do… and I appreciate everything that has been done for me while I’m here…. I’ve had a chance to be a presenter at national conferences and when the research is published my name will be on it… I feel really blessed…

Monday I will start my summer residency at a local health care institution and am anxious about learning the ropes and doing things the right way… I am looking forward to learning but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid of failing…

I will have one more year of school left starting in fall and so I’ll still be able to see my current co-workers and maybe even help on some projects but I feel like I’m officially taking the next step… It’s terrifying, exciting, anticipatory and anxiety ridden… but I couldn’t be happier…

I’m ready.

Bring it on.


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