I’ve got a runaway super important school document and a runaway cat… more on those later… firstly…

Last night with my favorite girls was great.  Started out with some iced coffe from one of those fancy schmancy coffee pots, you know the “K” one… I have a mini one in my kitchen but can never spell the brand lol

french vanilla with a heaping amount of sugar and milk... its sad... i like it sweet!

Ashley whipped up a great casserole, super cheesy rice and sausage with a bunch of veggies… the sausage was smoked turkey sausage and was delish… I have some sitting in my fridge, I should make it soon!

delish! and cheeeesy cheesy

We watched some TV looked through a ton of pictures from Ashley’s wedding for the scrapbook I’ll be doing for her soon…

I headed home around 10 in the never ending pouring rain and an hour or so later was letter the dog out… and then Samson decided to make a run for it… He’s due, the doofus animal runs away 4 times a year on average… this morning he was screaming on top of the garage but took off before I could come back out with a can of food to coax him down… he’s still not home yet but I’m not worried… he thinks he’s a jungle cat…

So there was runaway #1…

At least these two don’t leave me…

Emmy trying to kiss the camera

someone got a new stuffed pig today!

mom mom daddy's here, i'm gonna show him my piggy!

So the second runaway was my learning agreement with my residency placement that was due to my school last week but I got an extension.  The file got corrupted on my flash drive somehow and my preceptor has my only hard copy and I’m embarassed to ask for it back…

So I spent and hour tonight trying to rewrite it and hoping that its close enough to what was approved so that I don’t get in trouble when I send it in.  UGH such a precarious situation just because of a stupid technology screw up… Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out ok…

I’m about ready for bed already (its 8pm) and very well may call it a night… these early mornings (i’ve been getting up at 5:45) are taking their toll lol…

TGTIF (Thank god tomorrow is friday!!!)


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