um it is flipping GORGEOUS out today… and given that it has rained in Pittsburgh something like 40 out of the last 50 days I plan to enjoy it!… there will be some yard work, a super long dog walk with special guest mom who is visiting Maya today and tomorrow…

Maybe even sit on the front porch for a bit and read a book… I wish my grill was in working order to cook out tonight but no such luck… maybe i’ll get lucky and Steve’s parents will have a bonfire tonight… I’m totally feeling some s’mores!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!!!!


2 thoughts on “SUN!!!!

  1. Ahh… what a difference a few thousand miles makes! 😉 I’ve lived in southern Texas for 5 months and it’s rained exactly 5 times! I never thought I cheer for overcast skies. A bonfire sounds delightful – not here in Texas where the entire state would become kindling – but certainly in Pittsburgh. Enjoy!

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