Just call me Demo Queen

Sunday, in honor of the beautiful weather, Steve aka the tree man and myself tackled the neglected back yard…

This is what it looked like when I bought the house 2 years ago…

Then a blizzard hit… and no one bothered to prune or trim anything… it started to look like this…



So sunday… after 4 hrs, a sunburn, a couple of tree limbs to the hard hat… and we ended up with this… (phase 1)

looks so much bigger

I pulled a ton of branches, helped lower a massive tree limb and used every muscle I had I think…

There is still a ton of work that needs to be done…all of that brush needs to be weed wacked down and on the other side of the garage are some trees that need cut back… that will be phase 2… if my butt had been in better shape phase 2 could have been part of phase 1 but after that 4 hrs I sat down on the driveway and started playing with the bugs…. no lie…. seriously was catching bugs like a 3 yr old…

So Steve wrapped up work and we were happy with what we got done… and it was the motivation I needed to get my ass moving again… more on that later!!!

home ownership… maybe you aren’t that bad after all


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