Trader Joe’s… my love affair….

Sorry that I didn’t take pictures of everything when it was out, but in summary… lots of different types of meat and fish… TONS of veggies, fresh herbs, seasoning… etc…

But just imagine a fridge that literally only had 3-4 things on each shelf or in each drawer… empty… and then TJ’s happened…


At least 3/4ths of my massive purchase went into the fridge which makes me feel healthy…

salads and spinach

veggies!!!! even the stuff i don't usually get into!!

more veggies!!! they didn't fit in my crisper!!

meats, dairy, breads... yes breads, because miss minnie helps herself to them if left out anywhere...

That is the most unorganized, packed, beautiful fridge i have ever seen…

The motivation behind this cleanse was the crazy yard work the other day… and I decided to re-read the Jillian Michaels book “Master Your Metabolism” which while a lot of it I will not do, such as remove all plastic Tupperware and air fresheners I will stick with the diet…

Very few processed foods, few starches, healthy carbs and lots of protein and veggies…

It was not cheap – which hurt given that I’m the coupon queen these days – but I’ve got to detox myself some how!!!


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