how to eat an orange

I’ll get to the title of the post in a hot minute…

but first off I’m back on a schedule and LOVING it… I still need to add in the gym or an evening work out but “baaaaby steps”… (kudos to you if you know what that’s from)…

I’m now getting up at 5:30am… yes 5:30…walking miss minnie for about a mile at a nice brisk pace (not sure what the backup plan is if its raining bad some mornings)… and then I come back, make a good breakfast high in protein and shower and then off to work by 6:50…

Yesterday’s breakfast was a scrambled egg with an extra egg white, fried tomatoes, and laughing cow cheese on a whole grain english muffin…

quick breakfast

what a breakfast sammich!!!

and I worked my magic and made it disappear

Work at the residency for 8.5 hrs… and let me give a piece of advice… if you work in any type of hospital or health agency…. bring a sweater… my office is about 10 degrees and then when I think it can’t get any colder it does…

But anyways… I packed lunch yesterday… a salad with black beans, diced chicken, onions, and tomatoes… I packed an oil and vinegar dressing with it but definitely put too much on the salad and drowned it….

Sorry no  pictures of that mess…

So to the blog title…. I had to google today…. “how to eat an orange”… i kid you not… Citrus fruit and I have never gotten along and today was my first attempt at eating an orange for the first time in over 10 years…

The instructions I found on google were no help… I was covered in juice and couldn’t get it peeled right, and gave up after eating half of it…

How do you eat an orange??? Any tips are welcome….


4 thoughts on “how to eat an orange

  1. That sandwich looks mighty good.

    As for oranges, try:
    1. Cutting off the top and bottom of the orange, preferably with a sharp knife. It’s okay to cut into the orange a little bit.
    2. Cutting a small segment of the peel off by sort of scoring the peel from top to bottom in two different spots and then using your fingers to tear the piece off. Repeat until all the skin is off.

    3. Gently separating the orange segments with your fingers. If there’s a lot of pith remaining on the orange, this might be a bit more difficult, so just use your knife to scrape it off and then try separating the segments again.

    Okay, I’m not sure if that was too clear, but maybe you can give it a go and see whether or not it works! [:

  2. My tips are about the same. I cut off one end–the one where the orange attached to the stem–maybe an 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch, not a problem if you cut some of the orange segments. Then I use the knife to score the peel in 4 or 5 equally spaced places around the orange, moving from the cut off top to the other end, cutting through the peel but not into the juciy flesh. Then I peel back each “petal” and carefully pull the orange in half from the top where I cut off the end. The inner strings can be easily removed. This may not make sense either–the first response made sense to me because it’s clsoe to what I do. Good luck!

    I HATE when people cut the fruit into 4 pieces and expect me to jsut somehow eat the flesh that is sitting there all juciy and glistening, much like putting in a pair of wax lips (remember those? Or am I dating myself?). This route never works for me–just irritates me.

    Of course, you could get someone else to peel it for you. ; )

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