keep on trucking

My left knee has been killlllling me during and right after morning walks with Minnie, but I keep telling myself that the only thing that will help the early onset arthritis in that knee is taking off the weight…

So I keep on trucking…

After a foggy morning walk with Minnie I came home and edited Monday’s breakfast a bit and it was DELISH…

the innards of a perfect breakfast burrito

egg whites, tomatoes, turkey bacon, and laughing cow cheese in a whole wheat tortilla…

wrapped up and ready to go

This got a little messy – the tomatoes fell out lol, so  the next one may be just a liiiiitle bit different…

I got a picture of my lunch when I made it this morning…

ahhhhh yeah

I packed some cut up shrimp to mix in… as I have begun to master the art of prep ahead for my lunch and Monday night cooked up some massive shrimp…

almost the size of my fist!

ready to go

I made a quick balsamic vinegar and oil dressing and didn’t drown the salad today and it was yummo!

I also  threw a snack of carrots and hummus in…

love these little rubbermaid containers... perfect for dressings and dips

I know its only been a few days but I am proud of myself for doing pretty well so far….

Of course then after lunch I couldn’t resist the chocolate chip cookies from the cafeteria… soooo good and so bad… lol but I’ll cut those out next week…

What do you do when the going gets tough???

What are your biggest motivating factors when you want to give up???


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