Parm crusted pork chops

I made my second attempt at pork chops last night… This time they were bone in and pretty darn thick… next time I’ll be using boneless, thinner chops…  Still good though…

  1. Dredge the chops in grated parm cheese
  2. then egg
  3. and then panko
  4. Place chops into a hot skillet and brown on both sides (approx 6-8 min depending on thickness of chop)

sizzle sizzle

I served it up with some birdseye steamed and sauced potatoes, which I have to admit were awesome!

garlic butter sauced red potatoes

and some roasted green beans, which needed more salt but were still yummy…

roasting away


We’ve been eating off of smaller plates to help control portions… granted this chop probably could have been enough for the both of us but the good news is that we got full and Minnie got to snack on the leftovers…

A few hours later I made a quick green monster for dessert


This smoothie was packed with:

  • frozen banana
  • strawberries
  • soy milk
  • organic yogurt
  • spinach
  • tiny bit of peanut better
  • a couple chocolate chips
  • and half a scoop of spirutein chookies and cream protein
Nothing better than a nice cold smoothie to finish the day.
What is your favorite smoothie combination????
Have you ever used the small plate trick???

2 thoughts on “Parm crusted pork chops

  1. Dinner sounds yummy. Anything with pork gets my attention! I tend to use the smaller plates too, in part of portion control, but mainly because I like little salad/dessert sized plates–have a lot of one-of-a-kind items that just need to be used. Good luck on your healthy eating journey–I am trying to be more mindful in that arena as well–lots of fresh fruits and veggies always helps.

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