make it fresh

Remember that breakfast burrito that I said I was going to tweak??? I did… and it was fab…

Same egg, tortilla, turkey bacon and the tomato basil laughing cow cheese… but with……….

wait for it……


Trader Joe's mild fresh salsa

Am I the only one who would hands down take fresh salsa over the jarred stuff, like ortega, any day of the week??? I LOVE fresh salsa… I purposefully didn’t buy and tortilla chips because I knew the salsa would be gone in a matter of days and I actually want to use it for meals…

layer it all up on the tortilla

And rolllll

get in mah bellllly

Once again this held me over from 6am until noon which was fantastic since I was in and out of meetings all morning yesterday…

Lunch was another salad with, you guessed it, fresh sallllsa, yummo!

I also bought a side of cheesy veggies at work as a side dish… the cheese, probably not so healthy… the veggies which included broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and a couple little tater tots weren’t too bad at all….

There are no pictures of meals or snack from my lunches actually at lunch because there are no photos permitted where I work…. so all pics are of foods pre-prepared… (totally made up that work i think)

I also packed some organic apple sauce and added some cinnamon… It didn’t even come close to my grandmother’s apple sauce… the woman used to put her apple sauce in a food processor/blender and was soooooo smooth… she spoiled all of us grandkids when it comes to apple sauce now… lol…

What is your favorite way to enjoy apple sauce? plain? mixed with something else? chunky? smooth?

Does your employer allow cell phones/pictures where you work?


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