shrimp and sipping chocolate

sounds delish doesn’t it??? don’t worry one was dinner last night and one was dessert and I took an hr break in between…

Steve wasn’t planning to be home from his job (the tree service) until 8 so I decided not to wait for him to make dinner…

I cooked up some of this…

TJ's organic penne

This was soooo good and didn’t have any additives to it, I liked it better than regular pasta AND whole grain pasta… must buy more…


I sauted some shrimp to top off the pasta and cooked up some TJ’s marina sauce with some extra basil popped in there while heating up…

Then topped it off with some fresh shredded Parmesan and havarti cheese for some spice… my new obsession is havarti cheese on pasta… gives it a great kick…

And then behaving myself I portioned out steve’s dinner and put it aside for him to heat up later and portioned out the leftovers for quick heat up meals… 🙂

An hr later…. this happened…

I think my mom got me this a few years ago and I forgot about it in my cabinets… it is so rich and tastes like you’re drinking chocolate cake batter… SCORE!

I heated up some soy milk and popped it in…

The mix is 90 calories which isn’t too bad for a nice big cup of hot sipping cocoa

And of course I used my favorite oversized mug that Ashley gave her bridesmaids when she got married…

how cute!

Have you ever tried organic pasta? What did you think of it?

What is your favorite type of hot or iced chocolate?

What kind of gifts have you gotten when you were a bridesmaid or groomsman?


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