Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Hey everyone! First off, big thank you to all of the troops who have served this country… my gratitude for you is enormous… I’l especially be thinking about both my grandfathers who fought during WWII and my dad who served in peacetime Korea in the 70’s…

I hope everyone has some plans lined up and has a great weather forcast… it should be 85 and sunny here this weekend… bring on the tan… HA more like bring on the lobster skin…

I’ll be heading to the lake with Steve and his family for the weekend and looking forward to it like nothing else… 🙂

To refresh my memory and yours… here’s where I’ll be spending the next few days…

cant wait!!!

and i’ll be without a cast on my hand this time… if you recall the one time we made it up last summer I had just had carpel tunnel surgery and was in killer pain most of the time…

But this year, for the first time in 6 years I will have EVERY weekend off and I plan to spend the majority of them at the lake…

Minnie will be staying home for this trip, mom is dogsitting reluctantly but hopefully Miss Minnie can make some of the over night trips with us… I want to see her swim lol…

speaking of Miss Minnie… check her puppers face out from a couple days ago

sitting like a hoooman watching the world go by

i wanna hold your hannnnnd i wanna hold your hand....

Anyways… Once again hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I’ll be back next week!


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