I want to go back

We left the lake on Monday morning, now its Tuesday and I already want to go back… It’s about an hr and a half drive away, which is completely manageable, especially for a view out the front door like this…

what a sight to wake up to

The water was really high with all of the rain so sadly the lower dock was pretty much in the lake this weekend but the water should recede a bit soon..

Steve’s brother and his friends came up for a night and they gave me a chance to fiddle with the color settings on my camera…

We took the boat out…

And I read most of this book while sitting in the sun (covered in spf 50 for once! – no sun burn here!!)

fantastic book! can't wait to read more by him...

Not pictured are the pink and blue adirondacks I bought to relax in… love em!…

I love this little get away…

Will be back in a couple of weeks… wish I could spend like a month there…

On another note… I’ll be participating in Liz’s 30 day challenge at One Twenty Five

I’m not a runner by any means… but I need a push to get moving… So I order some new tennis shoes and tomorrow the gym will meet someone who is determined to kick some BUTT!


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