quick check in

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days… I’ve been feeling really worn down and like I can’t catch up on my sleep… Hopefully I can get some posts ready to go this weekend and be back on track…

The house is a disaster zone, the animals are acting up (one of the cats gashed the minnie monster across her eye while i was at work today) and I feel lazy because I’m not enjoying this awesome weather as much as I should be… But just like getting caught up on the blog I’m planning on getting caught up on my life this weekend too lol…

On another note, either my scale is not leveling or I have dropped 6 lbs since coming back from the lake… We’ve been eating better this week but still … 6lbs? I’m very skeptical… Steve thought it was off too so we attempted to reset it – same result… then took the batteries out and put them back in – same result… so who knows… I’ll weigh myself at the in-laws this weekend and see how it compares…

Shady scale…. shady…

Well I’m off to get comfy for the evening… maybe clean up the kitchen a bit… you know… those thrilling friday night’s I am known for…. parrrrtay….

What do you do when you feel like everything has been neglected? put it off longer or get on your horse and get to it?



4 thoughts on “quick check in

  1. Well, I have some physical limitations that makes it hard for me to do some of the household chores regularly–so I finally started hiring someone to really clean the place once a month. It took me sometime to not feel guilty about the expense–but I decided I was worth it and could then devote my time to better things. Once a week I do the pesky things like laundry and kitchen dishes–but it eases my mind to know someone will come at the start of each month to get me caught up! My suggestion would be to let yourself off the hook, do what you can, tolerate ambiguity and get some help for the day to day that stuff that overwhelms. But the most important thing is to TAKE CARE–if you are not feeling well, then rest is the top priority. Be well.

  2. I feel ya sister. I said the same thing in my today (which was my first in over a week)…that I’m behind on life and catching up. Once I have free time to catch up, I start moving in fast forward and just keep going until I do. Hang in there!

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