As many of you know I’ve been working on my first attempt at scrapbooking, preserving some pictures and memories of my mom’s family….

I have loved every minute of it… The fact that Steve’s mom has enough scrapbooking tools and materials to fill and entire room helps… She’s taught me some of the tricks and shown me where to find deals on paper, stickers etc…

Sorry this pics are shiny, I didn’t take them out of their sleeves, next time I will…

Have you ever scrapbooked before?

What kind of scrapbooks have you done?

What are some of your favorite tricks when making a scrapbook?

If you haven’t ever scrapbooked would you want to one day?





2 thoughts on “scrapbooking

  1. I scrapbook. Loved seeing your layouts – that’s LO in internet lingo. LOL I have a scrapbooking (SBR) room. A multipurpose room actually, since it’s also the computer room, sewing room, craft room and just general hangout room.

    You’re so lucky to have those photos to scrap. I only have a few heritage type photos.

    My favorite SBR trick – schedule time for it. Doesn’t sound like much of a trick, but otherwise, you keep pushing it aside for silly stuff – like cleaning or laundry. Also, get to Michaels with a coupon and get yourself the pink ATG adhesive gun. You will save a kazillion dollars in adhesive, and the stuff really sticks. Also, you won’t run out of adhesive as often. You’ll love it. Finally, don’t go nuts buying a lot of supplies just because you love them. Have some LOs in mind, and buy for those LOs. Otherwise, you’ll end up with way too much stash.

    Happy scrapping.

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