father’s day


This has always been a relatively hard day for me given that dad is not here to share it with… nor does he have a grave or memorial that I can visit, or a site where his ashes were spread that I can connect to…

The last two years I’ve been able to spend the day with Steve’s dad, which has been a good distraction, he’s done a really good job these last few years at being a stand in father for me…

But it will never be the same… I remember religiously giving my dad coupon books when I was little for a day of no talking, helping with dinner, helping with yardwork… he never once cashed one in… not because he forgot about them but because he didn’t feel the need to “force” me to do anything…

18 years I had with him… I wish I could have had a few more… I miss him… nothing can ever change that… but maybe just maybe, this year has been the easiest on my heart yet…

To everyone spending the day with their father, or at least calling home or sending a card, treasure this day, halmark created or not… and make sure that he knows he is loved more than he can imagine…

And to you up there in heaven dad…….. binkster would given the world to have just a moment of today to hear your voice and hug you…


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