The Mess of My Mind

1. Thanks for the massive support yesterday when I opened up about the events from 8 years ago.

2. Am I a bad american because I’m a little upset that the President’s speech may interrupt my So You Think You Can Dance obsession?  I read the speech summaries the next day and I know the general gist of it already.

3. I met a coworker today who has lost 70+ lbs and I want her to come coordinate my life for me now.

4. Three hours after having lunch with said co-worker I hijacked 4 chocolate chip cookies from the snacks offered at the presentation I gave.

5. My first presentation at my residency went rather well today, not sure if it was the “good” side effects of the migraine meds or that I just feel comfortable with this location.

6. Samson took another walk on the wide side last night.  Came home this morning with little seeds all through his fur.  Damn cat.

7. I dread snaking the drain currently clogged in my bathroom, think I’ll make the boy do it as punishment that his job has him out of town so much.

8. After going to an event this weekend that was themed with sunflowers I have now decided they are my second favorite flower only to snap dragons.

9. I’m going to see Ralphie May tomorrow for the sixth time.  He’s one of my favorite comedians and I’m super excited.

10.  I can’t wait to go to the lake with the puppers this weekend…. wanna come!?


One thought on “The Mess of My Mind

  1. I just read yesterday’s post so I’ll respond here to both. You’re wounded and wise. Thank you for telling your story. You likely will never know how many hearts will be helped by your courage. And by the way, I don’t think your mind is a mess at all.Yes, I want to come (even tho’ I live in Texas and am old enough to be your Mom)!

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