On my own

This week has been very therapeutic. I have refrained from all chores, started taking my showers in the evening after working out and have been sleeping pretty much straight through the night with little to no back pain.

I pretty much shut myself down in order to recover. I am sad that I won’t be able to “get away” to the lake this weekend but it’s ok.

I’ve thought about a lot over this week and I can’t rule out that steve and I are done for good but I certainly needed this time and I know that he did.

On a positive note I got an iPhone on Tuesday and am completely obsessed. I’m using a full scale fitness and calorie tracker which is keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I almost had a conniption when I logged puff pastry and saw the calorie count. I’ve walked for 45 min every night on the treadmill and stayed in the 1500 calorie range every day. Bring it baby I can do this.


One thought on “On my own

  1. Yes! You can do this!!! 🙂 I’m a little behind on blogs, so just catching up on yours. I know breakups are never easy. But always better to be alone for the right reasons than with someone for the wrong ones. So keep looking out for No. 1….YOU! 🙂

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