Might be an obession

Sooooo I may have made pizza 4 days so far this week. And I may have herb pizza dough in the bread maker as we speak. And I make have plans to make an Italian hoagie “wedgy” tomorrow… And I may have been sad tonight that my perogie pizza didn’t come outgreasy enough. lol yes it’s an obsession. But u can’t tell me it doesn’t look yummy!!!


BBQ chicken pizza with fresh mozzarella red onions and corn


Perogie pizza one of the many tastes of pittsburgh…. Mmmm


Taking time off

I wont be blogging as much over the next couple weeks. I’ve been putting a lot of time and energy into fixing up the house, getting back on track with food and exercise and working with steve to fix what went terribly wrong in the relationship. I think we’re making progress but it won’t be anything instant or over night. In the meantime I am loving summer in Pittsburgh right now. Who wouldnt love coming out of a tunnel an seeing this…


Beat up

Saturday I allowed steve to come over and walk Minnie with me. He then said he was going to rebuild the retaining wall that has been falling down for 2 yrs. Knowing that I could burn some major calories in the heat doing construction I agreed to help. Plus I hoped we could work on our communication issues at the same time.

I surprised myself by how assertive I was. Believe it or not I know a little bit about building and such from helping my dad when I was younger. I did half of the work and made him talk me through all of the steps I didn’t know.

The wall isn’t finished but 3/4 of the way there. In the process I tore my hands up pretty good. Blisters all over everything some that I couldn’t get clean and I’m fighting infection now. Ugh the cost of a nice house/ property.

On A different note the song ” criminal” just came on on vh1. Talk about a blast from the past. Fiona Apple has some ugly feet love the song though.

I also had a dream last night the a road I was driving on had a quick bend and I ended up driving off a cliff. It was terrifying and I woke up in complete spams. I don’t know if ive ever had that kind of falling dream before and don’t ever want to have one again!