Beat up

Saturday I allowed steve to come over and walk Minnie with me. He then said he was going to rebuild the retaining wall that has been falling down for 2 yrs. Knowing that I could burn some major calories in the heat doing construction I agreed to help. Plus I hoped we could work on our communication issues at the same time.

I surprised myself by how assertive I was. Believe it or not I know a little bit about building and such from helping my dad when I was younger. I did half of the work and made him talk me through all of the steps I didn’t know.

The wall isn’t finished but 3/4 of the way there. In the process I tore my hands up pretty good. Blisters all over everything some that I couldn’t get clean and I’m fighting infection now. Ugh the cost of a nice house/ property.

On A different note the song ” criminal” just came on on vh1. Talk about a blast from the past. Fiona Apple has some ugly feet love the song though.

I also had a dream last night the a road I was driving on had a quick bend and I ended up driving off a cliff. It was terrifying and I woke up in complete spams. I don’t know if ive ever had that kind of falling dream before and don’t ever want to have one again!




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