where has the summer gone

Monday marks the first day of my second year as a graduate student.  I will have 5 classes, one focusing on the lean six sigma process and will own my life from the looks of the syllabus – plus to get the certification that goes along with this course it will be 1500$ and additional course work and classes… yikes…

So here’s the big news that has owned my life this week…. there is a very very small chance I may move away from Pittsburgh next year…

On Saturday Steve dropped the bomb that he would be willing to move with me if I chose that apply to an out of state fellowship program.  I about died… and then I quickly dove into research pediatric administrative fellowship options…

I’ve settled on a fellowship in Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Columbus OH and Pittsburgh… I’m a little late to the party of fellowships so I’m going to be scrambling to get letters of reference, write personal statements and essays… bah… hopefully one of them pays off… i don’t want to leave pittsburgh but there are not very many pediatric options outside of the children’s hospital here and I love what I’m doing in my residency and want to pursue it further…

Here goes nothin….


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