well I’ve just been a bad bad blogger

So yeah, I fell off the face of the earth there for a few months…

Things have just been so busy that by the time I sit down and have some time to myself I don’t want to touch a computer, and lets me honest, time to myself is a rare commodity these days…

I submitted 5 fellowship applications – so far I’ve have only 1 rejection and 2 phone interviews, still waiting to hear back from 2 others…. The applications themselves were a bit overwhelming, trying to make sure everything was perfect – but I got them done…

I’m still working 15-20 hrs a week… and I’m taking 16 credits at school PLUS pursuing certification for Lean Six Sigma which equates to 3 more credits of work – yes I know I’m crazy…

But the great news is that I got back on the band wagon with working out – went for 2 weeks straight to the gym and lost 10 lbs, then I caught the flu and was out of commission for a few weeks, today I got my butt up at 6 am and threw myself on the elliptical and treadmill for over an hr… It felt great!

Through all of this, the stress has triggered a migraine so I’ll be picking up some cyclic breakers at the pharmacy after class today…

I hope to not disappear for 2 months again but no promise… However I will certainly update on the fellowship process – fingers crossed…

Tomorrow…. I’m going to see HANSON!!!!!! MMMMMMBOP! – def something to look forward too!!!!


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