what a whirlwind

wow, I still remember the log in for the blog! who woulda known!  Lots of big events have happened in the past 6 months. I turned 27, landed a permanent job with the organization that I love, I’m 2 1/2 months away from graduating, I dumped my boy friend, found a new guy who lights up my life, I learned all about seizures in dogs, and I learned a lot about myself.

So not sure what piece of news there is the most exciting or the most shocking but it is all big in my book!  I had not been selected for any fellowship positions and had decided to hold off on the job search until February or March as I was still working part time as a resident where I had been all summer.  When a job opening was posted that I knew I was interested I jumped on it.  And today was my first day in my new role! I’ll be part time until graduation and then full time as soon as I wrap up with school.

I called it quits with Steve at the beginning of December.  People had begun to comment to me that I was turning into a bully when I was around him and that I was starting to just be flat out mean.  I hated who I had become.  He had his good qualities but I had just become unable to look past the bad ones.  I was tired of hearing my cooking was horrible, tired of him telling Minnie that he hoped she died and tired of just never being happy.

It was such a weight off of my shoulders to move on and before I had a moment to blink someone stumbled into my life that I never could have seen coming.  He loves my friends, loves my cooking, loves my dog and loves me.  And needless to say that I am head over heels for him.

One night in November while watching TV I head Minnie make a strange noise and I saw her leg jerk.  I thought she had caught her leg int he couch and broken it but when I went to check on her she was stiff as a board, began foaming and convulsing.  I thought she was dying and we rushed her to the emergency vet where she had another seizure.  They determined that she most likely was presenting as epileptic and we had to change all of her meds which took a long time to adjust to.  She’s had about one seizure a month since, but they are getting further apart in time and she’s been recovering more quickly from them, knock on wood.

So yeah, that’s been life – a new update soon hopefully!