Land of the Free

And home of the brave…

I’m so proud to say I come from a family where both my grandfathers served in WWII and my father served 5 years in the Army including a peace time mission to Korea.  This is a day where there is not much that I can say in words that will really do justice to the honor that every one of our veterans deserves.

It’s honor they deserve every day of the year too, not just today.  Hold your heads high and proud and know that at least for a moment we are all saying thank you in our own ways today.


My dad upon graduation from West Point circa 1972. Last clean shaven photo he ever took probably.


Pap Stanley during his Army MP days WWII Pacific


And when he did his tour in the calvary


He was certainly a handsome one


And still came home to work in the Pittsburgh Steel Mills


Not to mention the cousin in the family that radioed as his sub was sinking and came home a hero


And finally – my other grandfather… the man the myth the legend… who, when he would give you a glimpse into the things he saw would reveal a war surgeons life that you weren’t sure was real… who landed on the late waves in Normandy and eventually found himself all the way across Europe… who instilled beliefs in his children who passed them on to their children and who in many ways in the reason I am who I am today.

So just stop for a minute.  Realize what today really stands for.  Pay it forward.  And say thank you.


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