This years holiday cards have a picture of my dad from when he was about three IMG_4603.JPG
I’ve had the photo for years… With every intention of putting it on a card but never did… This year I did…

Today I did all of my Christmas cards… Friends and acquaintances just got generic cards and those custom cards sat in their box untouched with the list of people that were getting them off to the side… I did lots of errands and by 5pm still hadn’t touched them…

I knew I was putting it off… I knew that part of me didn’t want to do it… Save them for next year but I put my head down and addressed the 20 cards putting a short note inside each…

And as I packed everything up so proud that I overcame something that I wanted to avoid the song that started playing on my iTunes on shuffle stopped me in my tracks… Of 1400 songs, follow me by matthew mayfield – the song I dedicated an entire blog post about a few weeks ago began playing… I felt like it was a sign that my dad was watching and he was talking to me in some way… So as I sit here crying they are not sad pity tears they are possibly the most healing tears I’ve ever cried…


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