A day without women

Today will be an interesting day – to see how people, celebrate, recognize or demonize International Women’s Day – including the movement of “a day without women”.  It’s 8:40 am and I’ve already seen the entire spectrum hit social media.  Women and men celebrating motivating women in their lives and women as a whole.  I’ve also seen a tweet saying a man would celebrate a day without women by hanging up on them, not yielding to them in crosswalks etc. Yes – seriously.

The argument over who and who cannot be a feminist will rear its ugly head and when Trump tweaks about respecting all the roles of women – I’ll admit I’m one of the ones who probably irrationally gets pissed at the word role.  My role – is to be an amazing person, not to be defined as anything else.

I will not boycott smiling today, and I admittedly forgot to wear red.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t stand with my fellow women who have been role models to me – showing be that I am capable of literally anything.

From my former boss who isn’t afraid to live life a little different and stand on her own two feet, my mom who has battled a lifetime of mental health difficulties and at 66 has come into her own, my 101 year old grandmother who is partially deaf and blind but insists on living on her own still, my friends – (excuse my while I write their “roles”) business owners, mothers, management executives, mentors, adventurers… and the one man who I think crafted me into the woman I am – my dad, who encouraged me to play little league with the boys through my teenage years, who wanted me to go to West Point (until a knee injury crushed his dreams), who told me I didn’t need anyone else to define who I was.

Just like the old saying goes – a good woman stands behind a good man…. but good men can also stand behind amazing women in some sense or form…

So today – I’ll be thankful for my role models and support systems and for those who told me I could break the glass ceiling some day, I’ll think twice before saying anything degrading about another woman, I’ll respect what I’ve accomplished and I’ll pass it along to my own mentees. Today I’ll be aware.