A letter to Minnie


Six years ago I let Bob talk me into looking at adopting a Great Dane.  When I went on the adoption page and saw your photo, all stretched out on a couch with a bunch of toys in your mouth I said “her – I want her”. A few weeks later he showed up with you in the back car and my life would never be the same. 

I was convinced we’d change your name but when you climbed into the recliner – all 100 lbs of you we knew Minnie would stick.  Later that year when Bob and I decided we would split up I had a tough decision to make and I’ll never regret it for a minute.  I said you can take anything in the house.  I’m keeping Minnie and the TV.  And we slept on a futon mattress on the floor for a week but I had you and that was what mattered.



I’m sorry that I chose to have someone in our lives who didn’t love you like you deserved but I hope during those couple of years I loved you enough to make up for it.  And once again I never regret making him leave after you had your first seizure and he said he wish you wouldn’t have made it.  I’m sorry it took me so long to see it.

I’m so glad you had a chance to be loved by so many people, Melissa, Valerie, Bayley, Emily, Rob, Jody… The list goes on… I’m glad you had a grandma that spoiled you silly and a great grandma that called me today so sad that she didn’t get to say goodbye… I’m happy in the end that you had a Dad there that loved you more than you can imagine… That would have done anything for you… That was there with you to say goodbye…  



And you were a great sister to the brother you let sit on your face  

You were so smart, and a bit of a trouble maker… Bananas, really? Spatulas? I mean you chewed through a child lock once… When you wanted something there was no stopping you…



You taught me what it was like to love unconditionally again… You saved my life more than once… I would say I have to keep going Minnie needs me…  

You frustrated me at times but ultimately you taught me patience… You were there when I came through the door every day and every moment I got to spend with you was a blessing… Life will not be the same… I plan to bury your ashes outside under the bleeding heart plant that you never failed to roll over at some point each summer… And we’ll it’s a bleeding heart flower it doesn’t get much more fitting than that… You are and always will be my angel… Love you baby girl





A Holiday Weekend – In Pictures


Night before Thanksgiving dinner of homemade crabcakes with a roasted red pepper remoulade sauce, cream cheese mashed potatoes and peas.


Thanksgiving morning breakfast – Breakfast Braid – stuffed with honeycrisp apples, white cheddar cheese, sage sausage, scrambled eggs and some sharp cheddar cheese on top… mmmmmmm


Lots of napping by this one…


The never ending battle with the hot rollers….


But I mean – when the result looks like this it’s totally worth it!


Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt’s house… So great to get to spend this day with family… This year was such a positive day for us…


Ryan was even given my Dad’s old seat at the table – a little bitter sweet but still made me smile.


Can you believe I made that little turkey guy in 2nd grade? He’s held up well!


almost the whole crew was there by dessert. Love these guys more than words can express – including everyone that was out of frame!


Got the tree up and decorated – Mom described it as “delicate” in appearance – I guess that’s a good thing right?


I prefer it at night all lit up – though this picture does not do it justice


My little side table with perhaps my favorite sign :)… I’ve also hung my stockings from the shelf above it and make the most of the small spaces I have for decorating.


Had a little of this to kick back and relax and hold on to my time in louisville


Spoiled this little girl silly for a few hours… She wasn’t one to complain…


Sunday – I made brunch for my mom and grandma since I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with them… Homemade hashbrowns with roasted peppers and onions…


Cinnamon roll casserole prior to the maple sugar glaze on top


Eggs Benedict Casserole before we topped it off with homemade Hollandaise sauce


All ready to enjoy – btw I could bathe in that Hollandaise sauce – a fat kids dream




Mom wanted a family picture – Minnie included… I think I’ll get her and my grandma a mimosa next time to get them to relax a bit!


At Friendsgiving Sunday I got to hang out with this cutie pie ūüôā


THEN! Merry Christmas to ME! On black Friday I bought myself a Kitchenaid Mixer on Amazon. I’ve wanted one for 6 years and finally bought one…

IMG_4632 IMG_4633


Chocolate Chip and Butterscotch Chip Cookies… SO EASY…

Finally getting an answer


For the past three years, Minnie, my Great Dane, has battled with a pretty nasty medical condition. ¬†One night in November 2011 she suddenly had a seizure and life was really never the same. ¬†The doctors diagnosed epilepsy but said they couldn’t be sure – she presented in such a strange manner… no two sets of seizures were ever the same, some times they clustered sometimes they took 30 minutes to recover from sometimes 5 minutes…


She immediately went on medications, and nothing “fixed” it. ¬†We struggled with her constant desire to eat EVERYTHING, she was put on a diet but lost no weight. ¬†She continued to have seizures every 3-4 weeks. ¬†Her attention span got worse and the specialist dog trainer I hired actually told me that the closest thing he could think of was that she actually had short term memory loss.

I was heart broken.  I started to wonder about her quality of life.  She was 30 lbs overweight (140lbs) and at almost seven years old I had to start thinking about her heart and her joints and I was really struggling.


Then, last week, the vet asked if I wanted to test her thyroid after I was adamant that I wasn’t over feeding her. ¬†I immediately agreed. ¬†Her levels came back at 0.5… half of what it should be. ¬†I began looking into hypothyroidism in dogs and the connection with seizures and there’s a possibility that it could all be linked. ¬†Her behavior problems too. ¬†I wanted to cry and in the same breath felt horrible that I hadn’t demanded they test everything three years ago when they were hesitant to give her a blanket epilepsy diagnosis.


She’s been started on thyroid medication and three days in she’s already starting to look a bit more like the dog I used to know. ¬†She listens, she calms down faster, she seems to know what’s going on. ¬†To know that for the rest of her life she’ll be able to live it in comfort and maybe with less seizures and happier, well that makes my heart sing a bit.



This little girl may be a handful….

she likes to take naps…


She is not impressed by snow that doesn’t come up to her belly…

She firmly believes there is no such thing as too many toys…

She literally takes up half of the living room…

does not agree that dresses make her prettier… lol

And knows exactly the faces to make when she’s in trouble…

Minnie is always there when I need someone (or somedog) to rest on… she never gets angry at me… and she is 125 lbs of never ending love…


I’ve got a runaway super important school document and a runaway cat… more on those later… firstly…

Last night with my favorite girls was great.¬† Started out with some iced coffe from one of those fancy schmancy coffee pots, you know the “K” one… I have a mini one in my kitchen but can never spell the brand lol

french vanilla with a heaping amount of sugar and milk... its sad... i like it sweet!

Ashley whipped up a great casserole, super cheesy rice and sausage with a bunch of veggies… the sausage was smoked turkey sausage and was delish… I have some sitting in my fridge, I should make it soon!

delish! and cheeeesy cheesy

We watched some TV looked through a ton of pictures from Ashley’s wedding for the scrapbook I’ll be doing for her soon…

I headed home around 10 in the never ending pouring rain and an hour or so later was letter the dog out… and then Samson decided to make a run for it… He’s due, the doofus animal runs away 4 times a year on average… this morning he was screaming on top of the garage but took off before I could come back out with a can of food to coax him down… he’s still not home yet but I’m not worried… he thinks he’s a jungle cat…

So there was runaway #1…

At least these two don’t leave me…

Emmy trying to kiss the camera

someone got a new stuffed pig today!

mom mom daddy's here, i'm gonna show him my piggy!

So the second runaway was my learning agreement with my residency placement that was due to my school last week but I got an extension.¬† The file got corrupted on my flash drive somehow and my preceptor has my only hard copy and I’m embarassed to ask for it back…

So I spent and hour tonight trying to rewrite it and hoping that its close enough to what was approved so that I don’t get in trouble when I send it in.¬† UGH such a precarious situation just because of a stupid technology screw up… Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out ok…

I’m about ready for bed already (its 8pm) and very well may call it a night… these early mornings (i’ve been getting up at 5:45) are taking their toll lol…

TGTIF (Thank god tomorrow is friday!!!)

lots of gray

its been a heck of a last 24 hrs I tell you what… we tried to put air in my tires and the one valve broke off so now i’m riding on my spare which at least is full size but still… the weather is nasty, i slept like crap last night (fitbit confirmed I was up 12 times and only had a sleep efficiency of 94% compared to my usual 99%)…

and then to top it off today I find about 15-20 gray hairs just laughing at me in the mirror…. ugh… what an ugly ugly day in Pittsburgh… gray skies, gray mood, gray hair….

I’ll be glad when this work week is over that’s for sure… especially because my 26th birthday is Saturday! yay! guess what I have planned????


nothing… that’s right… nothing… I told the boy to surprise me if he wanted but I would be fine doing nothing this year, I guess I really am getting old…

I picked up his mom last night from work because of the weather and we stopped at subway on the way home to get dinner for everyone… I got a turkey melt on wheat with lettuce, mater and onion with honey mustard dressing… ate half last night and munched on the other half for lunch…

I’ve got cottage cheese and pears packed for a snack in between class as well as a yogurt…

mmmmm def one of my favorite combos….

and I’m looking forward to going home after classes and cuddling up with this snuggle bug who apparently now likes to sit like a human….

i'm watching for the garbage men mom!

¬†seriously what dog sits like that……..????

Q of the day: If you have pets what are some crazy things they do?